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Crittenton Children’s Center has been providing mental health services for individual children in early childhood programs for over 20 years. Trauma Smart was developed out of this long history of work, after recognizing the need for a more comprehensive response to the wide range of traumatic experiences impacting children and the adults in their lives.

Trauma Smart helps children birth to 12, and the adults who care for them, calmly navigate difficult life challenges. We pair practical, hands-on tools with effective coping strategies and bring them into the places where kids learn and play every day.


Comply with Federal provisions for Trauma Informed Schools

  • Join the national movement! Schools can address trauma in children and build resilience.
  • The “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) signed into law on December 10, 2016 secures a foot-hold for trauma informed practices in schools.
  • A grant program called Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants (SSAE) provides formula funding to support students and schools that include “comprehensive school-based mental health services and supports and staff development for school and community personnel working in the school that are based on trauma-informed practices that are evidence-based…” See section 4108 of ESSA.

Be a Leader in providing Trauma Informed Services

  • Build a Trauma Informed Community with skills to help children and families affected by trauma succeed in school and build resilience for all children

Enrich Your Community

  • Expert training about trauma and child growth and development. 20 hours of training is provided over the school year
  • Provide coaching support for teachers as they implement training
  • Address behaviors that interfere with learning
  • Address behaviors that interfere with healthy child growth and development
  • Provide teachers with practical tools they need to assist children affected by trauma to succeed in school
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Provide Parent Engagement and Education Workshops that give caregivers skills that will increase the well-being of the entire family
  • Consultation with nationally recognized clinical staff in the field of Trauma Informed Care.

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