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Journalists across the nation have noticed the good that Trauma Smart can bring to their communities.

Starfish wants to help children heal from trauma, improve learning

Following a trend that state officials are calling the needed wave of future care, Starfish will be the first agency in Michigan to adopt Trauma Smart, a comprehensive training program that allows teachers and therapists to help children heal from any number of traumatic experiences that could include being assaulted, seeing a family member killed, or being abused or neglected — all things that negatively affect children’s ability to learn or become emotionally strong. And it now operates the largest infant mental health program in the country.

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Lanzan programa de apoyo a niños en situaciones de adversidad

Unos 40,000 niños neoyorquinos serán beneficiados del programa Trauma Smart, una nueva iniciativa que será administrada por  la Administración de Servicios Infantiles (ACS) para ayudar a los padres, proveedores de cuidado infantil y maestros a apoyar a los niños que experimentan situaciones de adversidad.

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