Our Team

We are a group of mental health and educational experts dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and inevitably the future success of our society.

Crittenton Children’s Center

Trauma Smart was developed out of Crittenton Children's Center's long history of work caring for the emotional and behavioral health needs of children and families in the Kansas City community and surrounding region. The model was developed to provide a more comprehensive response to the range of traumatic experiences impacting children and the adults in their lives.

Trauma Smart Directors

Jerrie Jacobs-Kenner Ph.D, LCSW

Senior Director, Community Based Programs


Jerrie Jacobs-Kenner has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, social work educator and administrator in the child and family services arena for over 25 years. She has been with Crittenton Children’s Center since March 2015. In addition to other community based programs, Jerrie works closely with the Trauma Smart® Directors and other staff members to ensure ongoing, high quality programming.

Susan Pinné LSCSW, LCSW

Director, Trauma Smart


Susan Pinné has been with Trauma Smart since its inception in 2008. Her career has centered on therapy for preschool-aged children who have experienced trauma and coaching for their families and teachers. She served as a therapist, coach and manager in the Trauma Smart Program and has been and a director since 2014.

LeAnn Keck LCSW, RPT



LeAnn Keck joined the Trauma Smart team in 2014. She has over 10 years of clinical experience working with children, adults, and families in a variety of settings such as community trauma education and prevention, early childhood education, counseling, palliative care, and military services. LeAnn has expertise in Play Therapy and attachment work with children ages 3-13 years old.  She is currently a Manager of Trauma Smart at Crittenton Children’s Center in Kansas City.

Trauma Smart Team

Cheryl Step LPC

Trainer & Consultant


Cheryl is a Licensed Professional Counselor whose experience includes working in a residential treatment center for abused girls, in a community mental health center with children and adolescents, and in public schools as the counselor.  She spent 12 of those years employed at one elementary school where her interactions and relationships with students and staff helped create a trauma informed school.  The school staff helped children create positive relationships and learn self regulation so they could develop resiliency to trauma in their lives.  

Laura Niederer LPC, RPT



Laura Niederer joined the Trauma Smart team in 2015.  She has over 4 years of clinical experience working with families, adults, and children in a private practice.  Laura also has over 12 years experience working with women and children in domestic violence shelters providing advocacy, empowerment, support, and community education.  Laura has a certification in Play Therapy working with children ages 3 and up.  She is currently a school therapist and trainer of Trauma Smart at Crittenton Children’s Center in Kansas City.  

Melinda Stroda LCSW

Trainer & Consultant


Melinda Stroda joined the Trauma Smart Team in 2015. Melinda has over 12 years of experience working with children, adults and families who have experienced various forms of trauma. She has served in a variety of settings including child abuse pediatrics, medical social work, school social work, child & family therapy, and early childhood education.  

Mimi Bachman LMSW

Trainer & Consultant


Mimi Bachman joined the Trauma Smart Team in 2017. She is originally from Kansas City and graduated from the University of Kansas school of Social Work. Before joining the team, Mimi provided therapy to children and families in a residential setting, provided therapy in a home-based program, and worked in multiple educational settings such as elementary schools and community education programs. Mimi has a passion for trauma-informed care and desires to build resilient communities through inclusive education and empowerment.