TraumaSmart® Works

Reduce the negative impact of trauma and violence on our children for a better tomorrow.

  • Trauma Smart is grounded in the Adverse Child Events Study (ACEs). Our approach is prevention-oriented and addresses the three areas of development most affected by trauma.
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    Our Model

  • Join us. We'll provide you with the tools needed to help build healthy attachment and empower children to self-regulate, integrate the impact of trauma, and build competencies for a lifetime of success. Visit our Become a Partner page to see how.

    Become a Partner

  • Our training provides all staff with the understanding of trauma’s impact and strategies that work in real life!


  • We have an amazing team dedicated to this work. Meet our team here!


  • Ongoing evaluation allows Trauma Smart to ensure it provides data-driven programming. See our How we Measure page to learn more.

    How we Measure

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