How do we keep “trauma-informed” the focus of leadership?

Original Source: Missouri Children's Trauma Network

Our team member Jeanie Thurston presented at the 2o23 Missouri Children's Trauma Network Training Summit on how to maintain a trauma informed focus as leaders.  One way to keep that focus is to model a trauma-informed approach in their interactions with all staff.  A trauma-informed approach considers not only the impact of trauma for individuals served, but also the lives of staff.  Using a trauma-informed approach in the work environment may lead to an increase of skills and resiliency with staff.

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Trau­ma Smart pro­gram sup­ports youth who’ve expe­ri­enced adversity.

Original Source: Robin LaBarbera

Recent research published in the journal Psychological Trauma about the intervention Trauma Smart points to the effectiveness of the training school staff in trauma-informed approaches. Data from the evaluation indicated that participants were satisfied with the training, they scored higher on the knowledge assessments, and staff attitudes became more favorable to trauma-informed approaches from before to after implementing the training program. 

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