We are constantly evaluating our program to ensure it provides the most good for the most children.

An Evaluation of Trauma Smart® in Three Community Head Start Programs and Three Elementary Schools: Annual Expansion Report. Our outcomes show that 100 percent of the Head Start children engaged in the Trauma Smart model have benefited from an improved school environment. Teachers love that they are spending their days teaching rather than managing difficult behavior.


As our results come in, we analyze our outcome data to truly understand what it means. We have written articles that explain our findings and their benefit to schools:

We are constantly evaluating and refining our program based on what works. We use the following systems to measure our success:

  • ARTIC (Attitudes Related to Trauma-Informed Care) Scale
  • Childhood Trust Events Survey
  • CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System)
  • ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment)
  • Parent/Teacher post-training tests and satisfaction surveys for training, treatment, and consultation
  • On-going focus groups and feedback from stakeholders through quarterly local advisory committees, and a statewide advisory committee